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Having a home entertainment center is something that is almost a common place today in the modern home. 

Install Your Home Theater The Right Way

Posted by Pin on 9/25/2014
Nothing can increase the warming ambiance of your home than the pleasure of a home audio system. Whether it is watching movies with full digital surround sound or entertaining guests with music filling the room, a good speaker setup is a critical element of a quality home audio system. There are numerous options for how to arrange speakers in any given space and many of these options include placing speakers on stands and/or fixing them to ceilings and walls. It is important for sound quality reasons to always raise speakers above the floor so that the sound that comes from them can adequately fill a space.

What Gauge Do You Need?

Posted by PinPoint Mounts on 9/22/2014
When it comes to installing your speaker system or home theater system, the speaker wire you use will most likely have a noticeable impact on the overall sound quality of your system. Even the greatest speakers won't sound all that good if you use poor-quality wire. Most speakers don't include speaker wire, and choosing from the available options can sometimes be confusing. You’ll want to select the right gauge, length, and type of speaker wire for your system, plus understand techniques and options to help you make dependable connections to your gear.

What Is Speaker Impedance?

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As you are searching for the right speakers for your home-theater system and your budget (always something to keep in mind), you will undoubtedly come across a number of numbers that describe the various specifications and characteristics of speakers and varying price ranges - with the expectation that you will be able to compare them side by side.

The Importance Of Stands In Everyday Life

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Just for fun, we decided to take a little detour off talking about home theater systems and our speakers stands, mounts and TV mounts that we sell to great home-theater enthusiasts like you.

Speaker Tech For 2014 And Beyond

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We audiophiles love speakers. We love those big ol’ box speakers that our uncles listened to Led Zeppelin on, those vacuum tube ones that amaze with both their sound and their looks, and the new ones that are growing smaller in size generation by generation. And, odds are that we will love the speakers of the future.

Picking The Right Center Speaker For Your System

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Anybody who knows even casual information about home-theater systems know that the center speaker is the most important audio tool for your system. Why? Well, it's where most of the dialogue comes from when you are watching a game or a movie. Your entire viewing experience can be ruined if you have a center speaker that is of poor quality - if you even have a center speaker at all.

How To Improve Home Theater Room Acoustics

Posted by PinPoint Mounts on 9/10/2014
After buying an expensive home theater system, you need to ensure that the room in which it is installed, is designed to achieve the best output from it. Sound acoustics can change widely depending upon the space and dimensions of the room. You also need to account for the kind of furniture you plan to have installed in the entertainment room. Here are some tips and pointers you can use to get the best sound acoustics for your home theater system.

Proper Maintenance For Your Speakers

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OK, so you have had a home-theater system in your living quarters for a while now, and you have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. But you also know that, even if you spent a pretty penny on those speakers, they may very well wear out after a few years.

Shopping For Speaker Stands?

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Speaker stands are generally used to support for the proper positioning of the floor standing speakers. This equipment is necessary if you'd like to boost the audio or quality of sound that comes from your sound system or speaker. This can be done through the decrease in the resonance that is produced by the walls as well as floors affecting the particular quality of sound from your speakers.

Home Theater Design: Optimum Speaker Placement

Posted by PinPoint Mounts on 9/5/2014
The standard theater arrangement is of course a screen at one end of the room, with one central speaker, one speaker to each side of the screen, two speakers providing surround left and right, and sometimes a speaker providing surround rear. If you have your room arranged this way, chances are good that you call it your home theater, and speaker placement is fairly straightforward for you. The ideal placement has the front speakers at the same height from the ground, usually either slightly above or slightly below the display, and the surround speakers at least 60cm above the heads of the viewers.

Benefits Of Using AMS-136B Speaker Stands

Posted by PinPoint Mounts on 9/2/2014 to Tips and Advice
When you are looking to install a full-fledged home theatre system in your house, it is essential to use the right kind of speaker stands to get the best audio output. The AMS-136B has been specifically designed to enable users to derive the best sound acoustics from the speakers. The 36” stand has a 5mm thick base plate and comes with seamless steel dual tubing which will ensure that all speakers are held firmly in place.

Reasons Why You Should Use TV Wall Mounts

Posted by PinPoint Mounts on 9/2/2014
With the emergence of flat screen TV’s, users nowadays prefer to have their televisions mounted on the walls of their living room. By using wall mounts, you can safely mount the TV against the wall. This will also reduce the chances of damage if you have kids or pets at home. It allows for the best viewing experience where you can sit back on you couch and catch up on your favorite sport or movie. Here are some of the different types of TV wall mounts you can use for your home or office.
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