Taking The Sound Outdoors

Posted by Pin Point Mounts on 7/31/2014
Outdoor life abounds during the warm weather months, with family activities and cookouts with friends and neighbors. Music is always a great addition for such events.

Determining The Right Height To Mount Your Surround Speakers

Posted by Pin Point Mount on 7/31/2014
Most sound aficionados will recommend that front soundstage speakers should be mounted/placed at ear level, with the tweeter of the surround/rear speakers about 2-3 feet above ear level.

How Many Speakers Is Too Many?

Posted by Nick on 7/28/2014
When we get a surround sound speaker system we tend to feel a need to have as many speakers as possible. In some cases there have been systems with double digit speaker setups, but the question must arise at times: How many is too many? There comes a point when having so many speakers will do very little to improve your listening pleasure.

What is SONOS?

Posted by Christine on 7/25/2014
SONOS provides home listening or a home theater experience like no other. As its name implies, the sonic landscape of surround-sound is tantamount to this top-end manufacturer. Specifically, SONOS is a high fidelity wireless speaker system that can provide you with soundscapes in every room of your home, with all of your music synched in one app, to play everywhere.

Wireless Speakers Defined

Posted by Pin Point Mounts on 7/21/2014
The way you configure your home theater speaker sound system will have more to do with your ability to enjoy it than you might think. 

Placement Matters

Posted by Nick on 7/17/2014
When you have your speaker system unboxed you stare at it with a bit of awe. It is an impressive system and once it is installed you can then go through the joy of tuning the speaker outputs to find the optimum level; and by optimum I don't mean blasting. Any speaker can be loud, just crank the volume, but a great system doesn't need to crank loud in order to be heard. If a high quality system needs to be cranked to even be heard it is more than likely you have placed the speakers in a spot that will not give you the best sound quality.

How to Safely Hang Any Mount

Posted by Pin Point Mounts on 7/16/2014
The right mounts can help you hang your speakers, projectors, television or other audio video equipment so that you create the experience you want in your home.

Get Creative in Speaker Installation and Placement By Using Speaker Stands and Mounts

Posted by Owen on 7/15/2014
While surround speakers can be placed on top of desks, on the floor and on your table, keep in mind that there exist other creative and efficient ways on how you can position these speakers for maximum entertainment. Instead of simply placing these items on tables and the floors, you can actually install these speakers in appropriate places like walls and ceilings where these can stream optimal sound quality without having to dominate and take away your floor space. And when it comes to creative ways on how you can install and position your speakers, you can’t go wrong with speaker stands and speaker mount.

Waiting For The Drop

Posted by PinPoint Mounts on 7/13/2014
When you install a new set of speakers you want nothing more than to stand back and admire your work.

What To Look For In A Home

Posted by Pin Point Mounts on 7/9/2014
When you are looking for a home you have a variety choices to keep in mind. You have to look around a house and see how your life is going to fit inside of it.

Don't Leave Them Hanging

Posted by Nick on 7/3/2014
A lot people who want a home theater just cannot afford the proper speakers or even the mounts to hold said speakers. In order to mimic, or try to make the best of a low budget situation, many people will take an old speaker set and just hook them up to a stereo amp; and to add insult to injury they wind up getting chains and hanging them from the drywall. The reasons why this is a bad idea are pretty obvious, but for health and safety reasons, let me explain.
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