Mount your TV for Functionality and Aesthetic Appeal

Posted by Addie on 3/31/2014
Televisions are being manufactured and produced in increasingly thin and sleek designs. This style increases their attractiveness by removing bulk and weight. With the right hardware, you can seamlessly integrate your TV set into your room décor. There are several different mounts available you, each with a different set of attractive features. The following three TV mounts are a few of the most popular options to be considered.

Updating Your Home Audio Experience

Posted by Melinda on 3/31/2014
Between the increasing availability of flat screen televisions and cutting edge DVD/Blu-Ray players, most people would say that the home theater experience has reached an all-time high. While the look of the home theater has certainly come a long way in the past decade, the audio aspect is often ignored in favor of the visual. However, no home theater set up is complete without a proper audio configuration.

Exploring Speaker Mount Options

Posted by Eric on 3/26/2014
Speaker mounts are hardware that allow for precision positioning of speakers connected to a home theater or stereo system. By elevating speakers closer to the level of listeners’ ears, the audio experience is significantly enhanced. The full range of sound generated by finely engineered speakers becomes much more apparent when they are correctly mounted. Even modest quality speakers can be made to sound better simply by connecting them to an appropriate mount.

Reasons to Choose Wall Mounted Speakers

Posted by Nick on 3/21/2014
The list of advantages to wall mounted speakers over other speaker placement options is extensive. To begin with, many wall mounts for speakers have built-in wire clasps that help keep the speaker wires secure so that they stay put. Wall mounted speakers are often multi-directional, meaning that they can be adjusted to specific angles to create the optimum listening experience. This is the most important element of your home theater system listening experience. Sometimes speakers will bounce or vibrate when they’re on speaker stands or sitting on a floor or table. Mounting them with wall mounts insures that they will remain connected to their mounts and not produce such unwanted motion while playing, as the wall will absorb most of that vibration which causes unwanted noise, such as speaker buzz.

Why You Should Replace Your Stock Mounts

Posted by Nick on 3/20/2014
Many stock mounts you get from the manufacturer are usually built to be alright, but really they are cheaply built. The thing is that many surround sound manufactures are in the business of creating amazing speakers, but when it comes to mounts, not so much. If you wish to have a safe and secure mount you should make sure that you have only the best to hold up your investment.

Some Speaker Wire Guidance

Posted by Eric on 3/20/2014
With so much attention on the television and mounting it in the right place, along with the other components, not to mention the speakers and getting them mounted appropriately, it’s not surprising that you might altogether forget about the very element that joins it all together: the speaker wire. You may be among the surprisingly large number of people who believe that any ol’ type of speaker wire will do. The flip side of that is falling too easily for the over exaggerated boasts from salespeople on the floor in the retail stores. Listening to the information-laden testimonials of the trained salespeople, they wind up forking out something like $600 for speaker wire, swearing that the quality of the sound proves how much better the wire they purchased is.

CORDS! Cords everywhere!

Posted by Nick on 3/19/2014
When you are setting up your surround sound system you'll come to find that while you get some sweet sounds out of those great speakers, you've also created a labyrinth of wires that are now running throughout your room. Just like Indiana Jones, if someone were to trip on said cord trap, then they would be chased by the rolling ball of ownership anger.

Find the Best Home Theater Speakers

Posted by Owen on 3/18/2014
In order to find the best home theater speakers, it requires a bit of a balancing act between cost, space and performance. First of all, you can find speakers for anywhere between tens of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars...apiece. As for space, you’ll need to figure out how much room you have for the speakers, as the answer to this question could go a long way in terms of constraining your choices. Size matters, when it comes to speakers, however technology has brought some mighty powerful and dynamic sound to smaller sized speakers, so start looking on the small side, and get some good quality subwoofers. Especially when space is an issue, you will most likely do best from wall mounting or ceiling mounting your television and all your speakers, as by doing so, you free up pretty much all the space for your chairs, couches, etc.

How to Incorporate Sound System Speakers and Mounts in Irregularly-Shaped Rooms

Posted by Owen on 3/17/2014
Installing home theater systems and speakers in regular rectangular and square-shaped rooms is easy since you can simply provide speakers on every side. Most of the guides and resources too that are available online assume that your room is of the same shape, thus going the DIY route is easy. But how do you plan for a home theater and surround system that can be accommodated inside an odd-shaped room? This can be frustrating and stressful for many homeowners who will use and install speakers for the first time.

Surround Sound

Posted by Robyn on 3/12/2014
Of all the possible configurations, surround sound gives you the best auditory experience to go with watching your movies and playing video games. There are several surround sound specifications, however the best of the bunch are 7.1 and 7.2 systems. The main distinction between a 7.1 and a 7.2 sound system is that the 7.2 system has an additional subwoofer that provides more thrust to the sound.

What Not To Do When You're Mounting Speakers

Posted by Nick on 3/10/2014
You have your speakers. You want nothing more than to make sure that they are mounted properly to the wall. You take the speakers out of the box, take your mount of choice from our generous selection of wall and ceiling mounts, and there you go.

Your Initial Setup Matters

Posted by Eric on 3/8/2014
For music lovers, one of the greatest sources of pleasure and contentment comes from their home audio system. Even being able to watch movies with full digital surround sound makes all the difference, with speakers all configured for the optimum realistic effects. And whether you’re entertaining guests or just chilling at home by yourself, the ambiance created by music and/or TV audio emanating from a good speaker setup can be every bit as important as the furniture and even the color of the walls and how the room is decorated.

Secure Mounting

Posted by Eric on 3/4/2014
You've got a TV, home theatre system or that you obviously like, and now you've purchased mounting devices in order to install it exactly how and where you want it to be set up, for optimum viewing and audio purposes. Because you value your audio and video equipment, the last thing you would want would be for it to suffer any type of damage resulting from the manner in which it was installed. In fact, chances are that you have chosen to wall-mount these pieces in order to secure a safe place for them, not only where they can be seen and heard well, but also where they will be unlikely bumped into, causing them to fall over or fall down.

How Your Speaker Placements Affect What You Hear

Posted by Eric on 3/3/2014
It is not enough to buy high-quality speakers; you also have to learn where to place those speakers for the best effect. Speaker placement makes a significant difference in audio quality; if you do not put your speakers in the right place, you end up with distorted, blurred or unbalanced audio.
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