Characteristics of a Good Speaker Stand

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Here is a basic litmus test that is a trade secret of Audiophiles. Play a piece of music with very strong bass. Place your hand very lightly on the speaker's side which has the most vibrations. Place the same hand on the middle of the speaker stand's pillar. Compare the vibrations that you feel. You may have to do this several times to have an accurate assessment. If the vibrations on the speaker is stronger than that on the stand. Your stand is not too good at its job. If the vibration feels about the same, your stand is doing a decent job. If the vibrations are stronger on the stands then on the speakers, you have one hell of a stand.  

Evaluating your Current Speaker Stands

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A speaker stand that sounds bad with a particular pair of speakers may work wonders with another pair of speakers. The reason for this is simple. It all has to do with how efficient the stands can drain away the vibrations created by the workings of the woofers. If your sound system is muddy-sounding, lacking in focus and booms- your speaker stands could be at fault. If the stands are solid, of high quality and expensive, and your system still sound this way, it could be due to misuse because of a poor understanding of how the stands work. 

Speaker Options and Mounts Recommendations for Distributed Systems

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Chill-out music is gently streamed in the background as you lounge around for that afternoon cup of your favorite brew, when a voice suddenly replaces the soothing voice of Moby announcing an up-coming promotion. Then, Moby’s soothing voice gently airs once again to calm the nerves of professionals and other customers in the area. Welcome to the benefits provided by distributed audio systems, a popular system often heard and installed in restaurants, bars, office buildings and even cafes. 

Why Mounting Speakers in Your Place of Business Is a Really Good Idea

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If you own a bar, a club, a restaurant, or a discotheque, you have to have some music there. And we’re not talking about live music, although it could occasionally be good to host live bands, or string quartets, or DJs. We’re talking about the background music that’s played all the time to set the tone for the place. If you play music, you must have speakers, right? Even if you don’t play music, if you own a sports bar that plays sport events on TVs all the time, you still need speakers. And you need to place them carefully.

How Much Do You Really Need a Subwoofer?

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Subwoofers can be a tricky thing. Sound systems with .1 in their name have them, and sound systems without the point and the one don’t. You can see people buying both types, and you can read online reviews praising and panning them. So, if you’re out to buy a speaker system, it’s perfectly normal to ask yourself - do I really need a subwoofer?

It’s the Speaker Stands, Silly!

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You have bought yourself a pair of your dream bookshelf speakers and then plod them onto a pair of stands of the appropriate height without any other due considerations, and find that the sound was less than what you expect. Despite running in after the required hours they still don't right. This can lead to another vicious cycle of changing the speakers, the amp, the CD player, etc. How many of us would take a second look at the stands? Probably not many.

Understanding Speaker Impedance

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For almost every speaker you can buy, you'll find a specification for impedance, measured in ohms (or Ω). But they never explain what impedance means. Fortunately, impedance is kind of like great rock'n'roll. Understanding everything about it is complicated, but you don't need to understand everything about it to "get" it. So for this article, I'll tell you exactly what you need to know about speaker impedance without making you feel like you're taking a graduate-level course at MIT.

Maximize the Entertainment Value of SONOS Play: 3 Using Appropriate Mounting Solutions

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Digital tunes streamed using networked speakers is now one of the latest trends when it comes to home entertainment. Gone are the days when players for cassettes, vinyl and even CDs are popular and prized in the market. Today, music enthusiasts and homeowners are now looking at a modern way on how to enjoy their daily music fix. This time, the spotlight is on digital music that can be compressed in one loaded PC or a packed smartphone and can be streamed in different parts of the room. 

What is the Wall of Sound?

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Audiophiles for the last nearly fifty years have had the pleasure of listening to musical arrangements so multi-layered and lush that they forever changed the landscape of popular music. Everyone from the Beatles to the Beach Boys, to Prince and Lady Gaga embraced what has become the iconic pinnacle of aural sensory richness, Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound.

Easy Steps to Maximize Outdoor Speaker Performance

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Taking advantage of the outdoor space for a party or a planned dinner requires streaming music. Aside from the food and conversations, music is another critical element that can keep the party interesting. 

Making Entertainment Work for Sports Bars and Pubs

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The best sports bars and pubs in the city are not just about cheap beers, superb food and free flowing conversations; it’s also about the presence of great music and entertainment. 

Trends in Music Medium and the Uncertain Future of Digital Music

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In most formats, digital music is of a lesser fidelity quality of that offered by vinyl LPs and music CDs. However, some artists, companies, and listeners are fighting back and calling for a return to high quality of music.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly to Wireless Speaker Systems

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Wireless speaker systems offer fantastic convenience and sound quality. However, they are not for everyone. If you need to learn if wireless speakers are right for you, read The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly to Wireless Speaker Systems.
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