Your Initial Setup Matters

Posted by Eric on 3/8/2014

For music lovers, one of the greatest sources of pleasure and contentment comes from their home audio system.  Even being able to watch movies with full digital surround sound makes all the difference, with speakers all configured for the optimum realistic effects.  And whether you’re entertaining guests or just chilling at home by yourself, the ambiance created by music and/or TV audio emanating from a good speaker setup can be every bit as important as the furniture and even the color of the walls and how the room is decorated.

Many options exist for locating speakers within a variety of spaces, but the most important consideration is placement for sound quality and good sound disbursement.  Thankfully, the number of options are multiplied exponentially by the availability of quality speaker mounts, which allow for speaker placement on walls and ceilings that serves to lift the sound off of the floor and up to where it can be best heard.

Often, new speaker owners will haphazardly and randomly place their speakers on mounts within a room, not realizing the vital importance of specific arrangement to achieve true-to-life sound quality.  So after you purchase your mounting apparati, do a little groundwork that involves some investigation and study of actual speaker setup patterns that will serve to complement the effects of the sound in your home.  By doing so, your listening pleasure will only be enhanced, and you’ll find that, even with anything less than “Big Boss” speakers, you’ll be able to achieve excellent sound quality.

The very first consideration in seeking speaker configuration and placement is to determine the adequate amount of sound structure that will be needed to fill the space.  Even the very best speakers, if placed in an area where they are dwarfed, will produce less-than-satisfactory results.  Next, the weight of the speakers should dictate the mounts’ weight capacity, and then how you will plan on running the speaker wiring.  You’ll want your finished look to be one that’s streamlined and as free from unsightly wiring as possible.   If you are starting from scratch, you may wish to consider purchasing wireless speakers.  Professionals can help you run the wiring above ceilings and under walls, for a nice, clean installation.  If you consider yourself to be slightly clumsy with “do-it-yourself” projects, by all means enlisting some outside, professional help would be a great asset for this small but significant detail, as both ceiling and wall mounts will depend on studs and beams (overhead,) to anchor them to the walls and enable you to later maneuver them in directing the sound where you want to project it.

Taking the time to learn all you can about proper speaker mounting (or hiring a professional) will ensure that all you’ll have to worry about from that point will be found in making your listening selections...oh yeah, that and the volume.