Wireless Speakers Defined

Posted by Pin Point Mounts on 7/21/2014

The way you configure your home theater speaker sound system will have more to do with your ability to enjoy it than you might think. Contrary to what most people new to the home theater arena think, positioning of the speakers is probably the most critical component, next to the visual impact of the picture.

Freedom From Unsightly Wires

Not every home theater system owner wants to be constantly reminded of his technology's presence. Obtrusive wires and bulky components are unsightly and detract from a room's aesthetics. That's why outstanding home theater systems that are compact, simple, and lightweight and wireless have been developed.

Wireless Speaker Requirements

In a wireless speaker set up, a transmitter has to be physically connected to preamp outputs on a receiver, or, in the case where you have a packaged home theater system that incorporates a built-in or plug-in wireless transmitter. This transmitter then sends the music/movie soundtrack information to a speaker or secondary amplifier that has a built-in wireless receiver. However, since power cannot be transmitted wirelessly, in order to produce the audio signal that is wirelessly transmitted so you can actually hear it, the speaker needs additional power. This means that the speaker still has to be physically attached to a power source and an amplifier. The amplifier may be built right into the speaker housing or, in some cases, the speakers are physically attached with speaker wire to an external amplifier that is powered by batteries or plugged into the house AC power source. Obviously, the battery option severely limits the ability of a wireless speaker to output adequate power over a long period of time.

So, when considering wireless speakers, there are several things to note. The fact that "wireless" doesn't always really mean wireless is certainly one issue, but, depending on your room layout and the location of your AC power outlets, some sort of wireless speaker option may be perfectly viable and desirable for your setup. Just keep in mind what speakers require to produce sound when you shop for wireless speaker options.