Why You Should Replace Your Stock Mounts

Posted by Nick on 3/20/2014
Many stock mounts you get from the manufacturer are usually built to be alright, but really they are cheaply built. The thing is that many surround sound manufactures are in the business of creating amazing speakers, but when it comes to mounts, not so much. If you wish to have a safe and secure mount you should make sure that you have only the best to hold up your investment.

Here's what you should look out for when you are looking for a mount!

1. Bare metal
When a mount is just bare metal, meaning there isn't a seal around the mount, that is a sign of cheap building policy. This is more of an appearance issue, but you shouldn't hang unfinished work on your wall or ceiling because it just makes your home look tacky. 

2. Cheap materials
You can typically feel the quality of a mount when you hold it in your hands. If the mount has any loose parts that shouldn't be loose then that is the first sign. Also gimmicky joints and cheap metals involved with the construction will give an obvious sign of being cheaply constructed as well. Keep an eye out for base plates that shouldn't bend or rotating clamps that do not lock down the join in use.

3. Too much plastics
We don't know who thought that plastic as a mounting material was a good idea, but it isn't. If the mount incorporates plastic into the mount along with metal, then that should be fine, but even then we tend to side with strong metal; especially with the load points, as those need to be as strong as possible.

There you have it, what to keep in mind when you are looking for a mount or checking out the ones that come as stock with the surround sound system you purchased. In either case, you will never find such low grade materials on our store, as we sell only the best in the market!