Why You Should Consider Mounting Your Speakers

Posted by Eric on 2/20/2014

The time when tabletop speakers were the best – and the most affordable – option for your computer or audio system is long gone. Having a floor standing speaker unit is standard in home entertainment systems and it may be useful for 5.1 or 7.1 speaker systems used with computers. And then there are speaker mounts, which may just be the most practical way to spread out your speakers and enjoy your sound system to the fullest.

Let’s think about an average teenager. With only a room to keep all its things, the average teenager will always need more space. Having two table top speakers may not look like it will add clutter, but it does, and it makes the speakers vulnerable to simply being pushed of the desk. The solution for that problem would be mounting the speakers on the wall in front of the desk.

In case of 5.1 or 7.1 systems, the back speakers need to be behind the person listening for the system to work as it should. Having the speakers on a pair of stands might do the trick, but mounting the speakers is still a better option. You can’t have speakers on stands in the middle of the room – they will get in the way and end up being knocked over a lot – so you need to put them near the wall. Against the wall, they will take up space that would be better used for some book shelves or closets. If you put them in front of the shelves or the closet, you will have to move them every time you need to access something that’s stored there. On the other hand, speakers don’t need to be mounted of the wall if there are no available walls – they can also be mounted on the ceiling. Or, they can be mounted on the bookshelf or the closet door.

When it comes to sound quality, the only speaker that shouldn’t necessarily be mounted to a wall is the subwoofer, as some people find that mounting them affects the listening experience in a not so good way. Other speakers don’t have that problem. On the contrary, the commonly held opinion is that mounting the speaker on the wall – or ceiling – will make them disappear in the sound easier, which is a concept every true connoisseur will appreciate. Not to mention the fact that they’re easier to position both on the horizontal and the vertical axis, which makes it easier to get the most out of them.  When it comes to costs, mounting a pair of ordinary speakers may be a less expensive option than buying speakers with floor stands. To sum it up, mounting speakers will remove some clutter, probably increase the listening experience, and the best of all – it will help you save some money.