Why We Sell Refurbs

Posted by Pin Point Mounts on 8/15/2014

If you’ve scrolled through our products, you have probably seen our Outlet items listed as “OPEN BOX/REFURB” or “FACTORY REFURB,” and may be wondering what this means. Is it safe to consider purchasing a product online that announces it comes from an open box and needed refurbishing?

The short answer is, if you’re buying from Pinpoint Mounts, yes, it is safe, and a great way to save some money.

There are rules about what retailers are allowed to call refurbished (refurbed). Refurbished does not mean reconditioned! Reconditioned components and parts were used for extended periods of time, often as part of a lease, and have been rehabbed for additional use. Refurbished items, however, may have been installed for a very brief time, but were returned directly to the manufacturer, or to us. Most new component manufacturers have a 30-day return policy, and nearly all factory refurbs come from those returns. There is little to no wear and tear on refurbished items, and they weren’t returned for being defective. They are the same, high-quality products that cost at least 30% more when they don’t come from a previously opened box.

The factory tests, refurbishes, and repackages the product, and cannot legally sell it as new, even if it never left its opened box, and allow us to bring our customers the best quality products available in speaker, television, and entertainment mounts for the best prices. It’s best to check the manufacturer’s website to see if they warrant their refurbished products, too.

Our policy for refurbished items is a 10 day return period for exchange only, but we’re certain that with products this good and refurb prices so low, you’ll be thrilled with your purchases and no longer concerned about the stigma of buying refurbished products. Some of our best mount reviews come from happy refurb buyers.