Why Mounting Speakers in Your Place of Business Is a Really Good Idea

Posted by Pin Point Mounts on 11/27/2014 to Tips and Advice

If you own a bar, a club, a restaurant, or a discotheque, you have to have some music there. And we’re not talking about live music, although it could occasionally be good to host live bands, or string quartets, or DJs. We’re talking about the background music that’s played all the time to set the tone for the place. If you play music, you must have speakers, right? Even if you don’t play music, if you own a sports bar that plays sport events on TVs all the time, you still need speakers. And you need to place them carefully.

Let’s start with an overview of your options. There are four things you can do with speakers. You can place them on the floor, or surfaces like desks or counters. You can put them on speaker stands, to elevate them from the ground. You can build them into walls. You can mount them on walls or the ceiling. And the last one is really the best option.

In a busy place, where there’s a lot of people moving around - coming in, going out, walking to the bar for drinks, going back to their table, going to and from the lavatory - keeping the speakers on the ground, no matter how huge they are, is not a good option. People can trip on them, or topple them. They can be within reach of spilled drinks. They can be within reach of customers who like to check things out by holding or moving them. And let’s face it, they can be within reach of customers who have had a drink or few too many. The same logic can be applied to speakers mounted on stands.

Built in speakers are a good idea, but the amount of work and money that needs to go into putting the speakers literally into the walls is something that could discourage you from pursuing this option. Yes, they can look classy and discreet, but are they really worth a small renovation of the whole locale? Still, if you were thinking of renovating anyway, go for it, but if not - there’s really only one option left.

Mounting your speakers on the walls and ceilings will keep them out of reach of anyone who has no business messing with them. It will also keep them away from accidents that might not only break them, but also hurt the customers and staff. Not to forget, the walls and ceiling allow for a lot of placement options, so you’ll be able to arrange them so that you, and your customers, get the most out of them.

There are certain places that are hard to imagine without any music. Bars, cafes, coffee shops, clubs, even restaurants, are places where music can really add a lot to the overall customer experience. So, if you want to ensure your patrons are happy and willing to come back to your business, and you want to keep your sound system from damage and from hurting your customers, mounting your speakers on the walls and ceiling might be the best choice you can make.