Where Speakers Go To Die

Posted by PinPoint Mounts on 8/16/2014
They are in our homes, silent until they are called upon, but who calls upon them could make them meet their doom! Speakers are wonderful things and we love to use them to watch movies and listen to music, but there comes a time when they eventually wear out and stop working. There are a variety of reasons as to why a speaker will cease being among the living, sometimes it's a flaw in the construction or it's due to abuse. We will be going over the popular reasons as to why a speaker will fail. 

Some speakers are built to take a beating, some have very sensitive materials inside of themselves that produce high quality sound but shouldn't be cranked to high levels. A lot of people do not understand this and when they get their surround sound system or their stereo the first thing they do is crank it up high. This will wear the speaker out over time. Granted, it could take a few years in some cases, but the cheaper speakers will wear out asap. Keep your levels impressive, but don't go for trying to recreate the blast at Hiroshima.

Then there are speakers that are not built to take on any stress what so ever. You'll find that these speakers are typically from a pre-box set. These speakers are usually made from sub-par materials like paper and are constructed with terrible connections which make them prone to popping. 

Acts of God
This is when something goes wrong that seems just too bizarre have happened. Like a Rube Goldberg device of disaster, speakers can be taken out by a random series of events that eventually add up to the destruction of the item. In order to help prevent such circumstances from coming to pass, be sure to anchor your speakers.