What is SONOS?

Posted by Christine on 7/25/2014

SONOS provides home listening or a home theater experience like no other. As its name implies, the sonic landscape of surround-sound is tantamount to this top-end manufacturer. Specifically, SONOS is a high fidelity wireless speaker system that can provide you with soundscapes in every room of your home, with all of your music synched in one app, to play everywhere. 

All you need is the SONOS app, a dedicated wireless network, and the SONOS speakers. The speakers can be mounted anywhere, in any room of your home, to immerse you in music all day, every day. What better experience could an audiophile ask for? SONOS offers accessory packages to enhance the sound experience too, from pumped-up sub woofers, to a full home theater experience, streaming everything from iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and more.

But why stop at a home listening experience? SONOS seems the perfect answer to businesses looking for contemporary alternatives to canned Muzak or expensive satellite streaming. While Pandora does offer a free service, its play ability is sketchy at best and the trade-off of allowing commercials flies in the face of providing a constant soundscape. By using the SONOS PLAY system, businesses can bypass all of the rig-a-ma-roll associated with purchasing streaming services, and have complete control over the music played within the firm.

As a home theater system, SONOS offers its PLAY models to sync with your other devices via the PLAYBAR, and a complete surround-sound system to either stream digitally or play from your video components. PLAYBAR completes 24 million calculations per second to perfectly balance the sound among its six subwoofers.

Whether you choose Google Play, the latest Blu-Ray release, or to host an iTunes dance party marathon, it seems to us that SONOS is one of the best choices you can make to keep your digital sound crisp and rocking.