What Not To Do When You're Mounting Speakers

Posted by Nick on 3/10/2014
You have your speakers. You want nothing more than to make sure that they are mounted properly to the wall. You take the speakers out of the box, take your mount of choice from our generous selection of wall and ceiling mounts, and there you go.

Or is it?

We have talked about how to properly mount a speaker to the wall, this isn't new, but there is the wrong way of going about this little endeavor— and we're going to go over a few points for you to avoid.

1. Never drill without measuring

We've all done it. You are high off the idea of using your amazing power tool collection. You have the mounting bracket in your hand. You place it against the wall, secure it, and step back only to find that it is slightly off and no where near center. This is what we are talking about, always be sure to measure out the drill points, mark them with a pencil, and then do your drilling. Half the fun of installing is punching holes in your walls, but keeping those holes to a minimum would be best!

2. Make sure that your speaker is right side up!

You wouldn't believe how many people have installed the mount, and when they go to set their speaker, find that the company logo is upside down. Many people will just accept that they have made this mistake and end up with a conversation piece for any visitor of their home. Don't be this person, you are better than the Picasso of the speaker world!

3. Use the proper tools!

Your grandfather's screw driver was made during the depression. It is forged from the best steel in America and cannot be replaced! You know that this tool will last the test of time and projects ahead, but it will not be able to hand a speaker mount! We live in the 21st century and we have power tools, granted you may not have some, but if you are attempting to hang your own speaker mounts; be sure you are investing in the proper tools.