Weigh Your Options

Posted by Pin Point Mounts on 8/1/2014

When we hang anything on the walls or on the ceiling it always looks slick... when it's done right that is. You see, so many people decide they want this look in their home and they try the best the can, but it can look terrible if it's done incorrectly. How do you know if installing your home entertainment center is right for you? Check out some of these thoughts below and you can decide:

Got Studs?

Usually when you install anything you should be hanging the object from a stud. Studs run pretty frequently in most modern homes, especially in the walls, but the ceilings might be a bit of a nebulous zone. Modern homes might have a few there, but it is I can a guarantee that older homes do not. Standard building practices fifty plus years ago are not the same as today; which is why you find knob and tube setups in a lot of older homes. If you don't have studs to hang off of, don't hang anything at all.


Running wire is probably one of the biggest pains in the butt; especially if it's for a ceiling hung speaker. You have to head into a crawl space to drill, pull, lead the cable over to the spot where the stereo is setup, and drop it down. It's a lot of work and while you could just hire an installer, they cost a good deal of money as it is a lot of work. Once it's finished, your setup is going to look great, and sound great!

How Heavy?

If you are hanging something or mounting something you should make sure that the weight of it can be supported. If you get a big speaker and try to hang it from the ceiling, it will either take a lot of work to make it work or it will just fall out. Also make sure that the item you want to hang up is actually able to be hung before just assuming that if you apply enough wall anchors it shall work!