Waiting For The Drop

Posted by PinPoint Mounts on 7/13/2014

When you install a new set of speakers you want nothing more than to stand back and admire your work. Half of any project is the ability to envision the end result of your hard labor, and in some cases this may cloud your judgment while building. When you are in the middle of a project you want it to be over, so you begin to overlook your work, and you achieve a result that is close enough. The problem with doing this, besides succumbing to laziness, is that it can lead toward a potentially dangerous situation down the road.

When you are installing anything, keep this in mind!

Do You Have Stud?
When you are drilling you should make sure that you are going to hang the item of importance on a stud. Most modern wall studs are very easy to find, and by mounting the item to it you are ensuring that it has the best possible chance of staying up permanently. A stud is best for heavier items like TVs or Entertainment shelving as they need the most support.

Anchors Away, My Boy!
Wall anchors are important because they can help reinforce anything you are able to hang. These anchors differ between where the anchor is going to be used as drywall anchors can be used to distribute the weight evenly or reinforce a hole. It is highly recommended that you make sure you are using the proper anchor when you are hanging anything as they can only help your efforts.

Screw You!
One of the major factors in the success of a proper install is the kind of screws you wind up using. A standard screw many not be able to hold the weight you are asking it to hold, which is why you should use either treated screws or hardened ones that won't strip on you when you are installing.