Updating Your Home Audio Experience

Posted by Melinda on 3/31/2014
Between the increasing availability of flat screen televisions and cutting edge DVD/Blu-Ray players, most people would say that the home theater experience has reached an all-time high. While the look of the home theater has certainly come a long way in the past decade, the audio aspect is often ignored in favor of the visual. However, no home theater set up is complete without a proper audio configuration.
What Home Theater Audio Requires
Even though there are a few different ways of assembling the audio component of a home theater, in general you will need three particular elements:
·         Speakers – These deliver the sound to the viewers.
·         Speaker mounts – These position the speakers to create a three-dimensional experience.
·         Cables – These connect the speakers to the television or central entertainment console.
Is Bigger Really Better?
When it comes to speakers, the traditional wisdom states that bigger is better. While large speakers are certainly required by some people, the majority of home theater owners do not need to invest in exceptionally large speakers. Sound technology has come a long way and there are dozens of modestly sized, lightweight speakers that are capable of delivering exceptional sound quality.
True Surround Sound
Even though some people believe that expensive speakers are key to creating the real home theater surround sound experience, speaker mounts are arguably even more important. Mounts elevate speakers to different levels. This variable positioning is what actually creates the three-dimensional audio experience that separates a home theater from just another entertainment room.
Speaker mounts with ball joints offer even greater user freedom than do stationary mounts. These mounts have a wide range of motion so that the user can precisely adjust them. A highly focused, intense audio experience can be created with just a touch. If the speakers are connected to a stereo, the adjustable mounts can be used to fill the room with sound without overwhelming guests.
Speaker mounts are an often overlooked element of home theater design. Moveable mounts in particular can maximize speaker usefulness and add a lot of audio value to any space.