The Sound of a Legend

Posted by Eric on 5/3/2014

For those of you who know basketball or have watched it over the last couple of decades can have some appreciation for this. Recently, the NBA and basketball community at-large lost Dr. Jack Ramsay, who passed away at the age of 89. For those who don't know the name, he certainly has a familiar face and voice when it came to NBA television or radio broadcasts. A successful NBA and college coach, Dr. Jack led the Portland Trail Blazers to their only NBA title, in 1977, and was the first NBA coach for 1990s sharpshooter Reggie Miller.

He was highly regarded not just as a great coach, but also a great basketball mind, and he has a treasure trove of broadcasting memories.

Perhaps, when you are trying our your surround sound system in yoru home using one or more of our precision mounts to create the best experience, we would ask for you to hook up your system to YouTube or an ESPN broadcasting archive for Dr. Jack Ramsay and hear his voice, see his smile and appreciate how accessible he seemed to make the game of basketball - even to casual observers. His love for the game was evident in his voice and in his face when he described the game, and he was always looking to teach.

Even after his passing, he can continue to educate, and his voice and wisdom can come through crystal clear with your surround sound system put together using our precision mounts. Thank you for all of your wisdom, Dr. Jack. You are missed.