The Importance Of Stands In Everyday Life

Posted by PinPoint Mounts on 9/11/2014 to Tips and Advice

Just for fun, we decided to take a little detour off talking about home theater systems and our speakers stands, mounts and TV mounts that we sell to great home-theater enthusiasts like you.

No, instead, just for fun, we decided to sit back and think about stands in general. We, of course, believe that speaker stands are vital to any good home-theater system in providing just the right positioning for the best audio experience. But the concept of the stand got us to thinking about other ways that stands are used and play an important role in certain aspects of life. We'd like to know your thoughts - did we leave something out, or can you make a case for stands that maybe we overlook?

Here are our random thoughts about stands:

First, we are defining a "stand" as anything that lifts someone or something off the ground, or is used to hold things above the ground and keep them from falling to the ground.

Musicians - How many musicians work o their music from the ground? They always have something to hold up their music, lyrics or notes while they jam with their band.

Professors - If they're going to tell us how smart they are, they certainly don't want to be without a stand to put their lecture notes upon.

Politicians - Maybe we all know of one or two who just need to take a stand. On something. Anything.

Leaders - They take a stand on principles and a vision for the future and how to achieve that future.

People - We have to stand when we're not able to sit.

The presumed innocent - they get to decide whether they need to take a stand for the truth, or whether the truth will send them to prison.

The drunk - They need a kickstand before they crack their heads open falling to the sidewalk.

The military - Our heroes need to stand for our freedoms and liberties and the values of our Republic before they collapse under pressure from those who intend to harm us.