The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly to Wireless Speaker Systems

Posted by Pin Point Mounts on 11/2/2014 to General

If you are shopping for a new speaker system for your home theater odds are you are considering going with a wireless package. However, before you make your final choice you have got to make sure that you understand the good, the bad, and the ugly to wireless speaker systems.

The Good to Wireless Speaker Systems

A wireless speaker system is one that does not have wires going from the speakers to the central unit to the subwoofer and so forth. Of course, there are many wonderful positives to not having to deal with wires when setting up and using your speaker system.

The first benefit is that you don’t have to mess with as many wires. You do not need to hide them or attach them to the wall or drill holes in your walls so that they can be threaded unseen on the back side of the plaster.

The next benefit is that you will not have to pay for the special, high-quality speaker wires. And, finally, wireless speaker systems give you the freedom to move speakers or the other components of your speaker system when and where ever you want. You will not have to unhide any wire or lay any new wire to move things around. This is a great positive.

The Bad to Wireless Speaker Systems

Most wireless speaker systems still have some wires between their satellite speakers. This is bad since wireless does not necessarily mean totally wireless, which means you will probably dealing with some wires.  

Another bad side to wireless systems is that although the top-of-the-line wireless speaker systems produce a sound quality that rivals that of a like wired system, this is not the case for lesser systems. In fact, not only can these lower-end systems other subpar sound, their old-tech signals can be interfered with by things such as microwaves, smartphones, and WIFI signals. I don’t know about in your place, but having a speaker system that gets messed up by smartphone use would be bad, bad, bad in my house.

The Ugly to Wireless Speaker System

As stated above, there are some wireless speaker systems offering fantastic sound. However, they are the top of the line systems that are not inexpensive. If you are budget conscious, you probably ought to stick with wired speaker systems just for this reason.

Bottom Line

If you are ready to truly upgrade your home theater’s speaker system, then, yes, going wireless could be a fantastic move. However, if price is a major criteria for you, go with a wired system; these still produce great sound.