TV Mount Accessories

Pinpoint Mounts offers brackets designed to complete any home or commercial television and speaker setup. Bulky floor stands in home theaters can be replaced with the sleek, space-saving capabilities of wall mounting. Pinpoint Mounts products are compatible with flat panel LCD, LED or Plasma television varieties and can withstand different weight and size varieties.

Any living or commercial space can be accommodated with a ceiling mount, allowing for optimal functionality with making necessary adjustments. Angled, flat or sloped ceilings are suitable for the ceiling plate style of mount, which can easily be rotated and tilted for the ideal viewing experience.

Wall mounts attach directly to the wall, leaving just enough room for cables and cords. Not only does this save space, but it is also easy to install and adds a modern look to the television setup. Although this type of mount cannot rotate left or right, it is able to tilt for comfortable viewing.

Speaker mounts can be installed individually for full customization in a home or commercial theater setup. A single speaker can be mounted directly to an electrical outlet box, drywall, wooden stud or block wall, and each speaker rotates or tilts as necessary to achieve the best sound output.

Pinpoint Mounts products are made of high-quality steel to provide the full weight support offered by materials that will not wear down over time. Transforming a spare room into a professional-style home theater is simple to do with the right application of wall and ceiling mounts.