TV Ceiling Mounts

TV ceiling mounts are some of the most versatile options for displaying flat panel LCD, LED or plasma sets. In the past, bulky television sets had to be placed on even larger stands with very limited options. Ceiling mounts are designed with the user in mind to save space while adding a touch of modern style to the electronic setup. Wall mounts are restricted to flat space only, but ceiling mounts are adaptable enough to work with sloped, angled or flat ceiling spaces to display TVs with up to 40-inch screens and weighing up to 125 pounds. Rather than placing the TV against a wall, ceiling mounts can easily be placed anywhere. Tilt and rotation adjustments enable optimal viewing from any spot in a room.

Ceiling-mounted TVs are a great accessory to a restaurant, doctor's office or classroom. They do not take up much space, and they add the convenience of providing entertainment to visitors, whether educational or recreational. Busy sports bars that display a dozen different games on old sets with large stands would be cluttered and uninviting to guests, so consider the benefits and available opportunities of saving space in a business or home interior.

A ceiling-mounted opens up additional floor space. Corner placement is most suitable for freeing space in a small room, and in a large room, it is best to stay away from the center. The attachment should always be made to a beam to ensure there is adequate support. Proper installation of a high-quality steel mount ensures stability and safety over the long-term. Professional installation is recommended for those without basic technical knowledge of ceiling surfaces, overall weight and placing anchors, but Pinpoint Mounts products come with all necessary hardware and instructions for a do-it-yourself property owner. Installation is sleek and clean, with an opening in each mount's pole for hiding all cables.
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