TV Wall Mounts Allow Greater Viewing Angles In Any Situation.

Posted by pinpointmounts on 10/12/2014 to General
Whenever you have a situation where you wish to view your television from different parts of the room without having to move the television physically around, the articulating wall mount comes to your aid, by allowing you to easily alter the television viewing angle to suit the new viewing position. This is one of the major advantages of an articulated wall mount over a fixed position on the wall or on a fixed base mount. Classifying these wall mounts is best done by considering the size and weight of the television they are designed to support, size is probably of most importance since nearly all TV weights are catered for by the manufacturers specifications, the ability to fully articulate a large (over 40 inch) screen is something only a some wall mounts are capable of and you need to be aware of this limitation. Any articulated wall mount should have the capacity to swivel and tilt, and it is worth remembering that if you plan on mounting the TV above normal viewing level that tilt is as important as swivel. There is extra cost involved in buying a wall mount that has movement in all three planes but if you require that then the extra expenditure is worth it, but it is possible that you only need movement in one or two directions and you can therefore save on costs because these less complex mounts are usually cheaper. It is also worth considering that not all situations or rooms require the same wall mount capabilities, in the bedroom or kitchen the TV may be mounted much higher than normal and may require a larger degree of tilt movement than a TV that is mounted just above normal viewing height. A swivel mount allows side to side movement whilst a tilt bracket will allow movement in an up and down direction, whereas an articulated mount allows for both movements to some degree. Since there can be large differences in the ability to move the television with the various mounts you need to be quite sure that you are clear on what you require and that the wall mount you are considering is capable of the movement required. Compared to a piece of furniture on the floor on top of which you mount the television a wall mount tales up very little space and having got rid of the bulky television it is wonderful to be able to regain some space in your room and this is the major reason people are buying articulated wall mounts. Positioning the television in the corner of the room often makes sense from a viewing perspective and the articulating wall mount is a great solution in this situation; allowing the television to move back against the wall when you are not viewing so freeing up vital space.