Speaker Tech For 2014 And Beyond

Posted by PinPoint Mounts on 9/11/2014 to General

We audiophiles love speakers. We love those big ol’ box speakers that our uncles listened to Led Zeppelin on, those vacuum tube ones that amaze with both their sound and their looks, and the new ones that are growing smaller in size generation by generation. And, odds are that we will love the speakers of the future.

These are speakers of 2014 and beyond…


I guess you could say that the era of the headphone has already arrived. After all, headphone sales have made Dr. Dre the first billionaire of rap. Of course, others are trying to climb up and onto the throne to sit alongside the good doctor, so we should expect that advances in wireless headphone and tuning technology.


Yeah, generally speaking, Bluetooth does not allow for the same sound quality that wired speakers systems do. However, Bluetooth speakers are here to stay for at least this generation so you ought to keep your eyes open for a wireless speaker system that will meet your expectations, your needs, and your budget. By the way, if you have had bad experiences with wireless speakers in the past, you need to try them again; they are much improved from just a few years ago. No longer do we have to put up with systems that crackle, sputter, and pop.

The Small Shall Inherit The Earth

As audio technology advances, speakers get smaller. Now, although I loved the look of the large speakers of yesteryear, I truly appreciate the freedom that small speakers provide. They can be placed or hung just about anywhere. Modern speakers come in flat panel form, as small cubes and spheres, and just about any other shape you can imagine. Oh. and they are no longer all wood grain.

Automatic Room Acoustic Correction

Some audio receivers can already self correct for the room acoustics they perform within. More receivers will gain this feature moving forward, which makes a whole lot of sense, since local acoustics play a HUGE role in your audio system’s performance.