Speaker Stands and Mounts Improve Sound Quality

Posted by Timothy on 5/5/2014

Far too many people, even professional mixers, fail to realize that the loudspeaker and its mounting conditions cannot be separated.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 (Newell & Holland, 2007)


The above quote is from Loudspeakers For Music Recording and Production, yet still so many people think they can just throw their speakers up on a shelf with books, set them in an entertainment center or hoist up on other furniture or tables, or even worse –set them on the floor.  The result is less than desirable and one encounters poor acoustic resonance and sonic qualities.  As a musician and home recording enthusiast, judging from people’s speaker set-ups, many will have all show, but poor sound, because of not using proper mounting.  The use of stands or mounts have clear and quite apparent advantages which can be perceived very quickly, among them.  The speakers:

  • won’t rattle the cabinet or be confined by secondary enclosures
  • won’t lose sound in the floor, or reverberate off the floor
  • won’t have existing elements or structures absorb sound emanation
  • sound does not hit existing structures – furniture

As a reader of Studiophile magazine, the authors have been advocating the use of stands and mounts for over 20 years because of the sonic distinction of speaker mount, placement and position.  Proper and clear pathways is also a prime concern as noted in the problems above.  Optimal speaker performance on well-constructed stand or mount is directly linear to your ears.  Anything in the way of sound will cause all sorts of acoustic noise and interference.  If you do not believe this, try to remember a windy day at an outdoor concert.  Remember, even the wind, caused the sound to be quite less than perfect.

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