Speaker Placement for 9.1 Systems

Posted by Pin Point Mounts on 12/15/2014 to General

Front, back, side, center and sub-woofer - makings of a 7.1 system. If you believe this kind of system, with a total of 8 speakers, would be everything you will ever need to fully enjoy movies and video games - it’s time to think again. 9.1 systems add an additional dimension to the mix, giving you an even better listening experience. With them, you get the front, back and side speakers, as well as the center and the sub-woofer plus a pair of front height speakers. And the additional speakers need to be placed in a certain way, right?

Let’s start with how you should place a 7.1 system. The first thing you need to determine is where you will be sitting while listening to sound reproduced by the system. The middle of the room is usually the best option. When that’s done, you should start positioning the speakers - front speakers go to the front, side speakers go to the side, and back speakers go behind the sitting position. Center is in the center, and the sub-woofer can go pretty much anywhere as long as it’s not in a corner.

To work their magic properly, speakers need to be pointing at the seating position. The fronts should be positioned at an angle of 25° plus or minus 2 or 3 degrees. Sides should be at an angle of 100°, plus or minus 10 degrees. And the back should be placed at 142°, plus or minus 8 degrees. The center should be right in front, at 0°. And that leaves us with the front height speakers.

Front height should be placed right above the front speakers, because their job is not to give the sense of width or length, but of height and height only. They should be positioned at least three feet above the front speakers, and should face the sitting position at the same angle.

Of course, you can experiment a little bit to achieve the best performance, but don’t try to experiment too much. You should also keep in mind that there are other things you need to consider for best performance - surfaces in the room that may cause acoustic issues, and objects that might serve as obstacles to the sound. As for the speaker placement, if you understood how 9.1 should work, you shouldn't have any problems with placement of even bigger systems like 11.1.