Speaker Placement Tips for a Satisfying Music Listening Experience

Posted by Eric on 4/5/2014

The quality of entertainment and fun you get from watching movies, concerts and from listening to music are defined by the quality of your speaker system. No matter how good the concert is, if the speaker system is not quality-made and not properly positioned, then surely you’ll get disappointed. So if you are passionate about movies, music and concerts and you want to get a dose of entertainment right at the comfort of your own home, then it pays to invest in the right speaker system. More importantly, you need to position the speakers the right way to maximize the premium sound experience. Keep in mind though that there’s an art and science when it comes to speaker placements depending on your requirements. If you plan to listen to music more, then check out the following speaker placement tips and suggestions.

General speaker placement rules to consider

Your specific objective in having the sound and speaker system will define the strategic placement of the speakers. If you plan to regularly listen to music rather than simply streaming music as background, then it’s recommended to install the speakers at least 2 feet away from the room’s corners. Stay away from surfaces and other obstructions that may affect the flow of the sounds, like large cabinets or dividers.

There are some tips too that you should keep in mind when installing in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. If you plan to use two (2) in-wall speakers, make sure to put the right and left speakers on equal distance from the spot where you will listen to the music. The speakers should be at ‘ear level’ when you are seated to get that maximum effect. If the in-wall speakers are 10 feet away from your area, make sure that the distance between the two speakers should not exceed 10 feet but should not be less than 5 feet.

For two (2) in-ceiling speakers, make sure that the speakers are of equal distance from the area where you will enjoy the music. As much as possible, the tweeters should be directly focused toward your area. Look for speaker ceiling mounts with adjustable ball and joint system so you can easily focus the speakers in different areas.

The list presents rough guidelines that you can consider when you want to stream music inside a room. Different rooms will have different layouts and designs, so you should adjust and install accordingly without affecting the existing home styling and decor. At the end of the day, what’s important is that you will get quality and uninterrupted stream of music all the time.