Speaker Options and Mounts Recommendations for Distributed Systems

Posted by Pin Point Mounts on 11/28/2014 to General

Chill-out music is gently streamed in the background as you lounge around for that afternoon cup of your favorite brew, when a voice suddenly replaces the soothing voice of Moby announcing an up-coming promotion. Then, Moby’s soothing voice gently airs once again to calm the nerves of professionals and other customers in the area. Welcome to the benefits provided by distributed audio systems, a popular system often heard and installed in restaurants, bars, office buildings and even cafes. This system is different from the traditional PA system since transformers are custom-built into the speakers and amplifiers are used to produce bigger and powerful sounds. Of course, to produce these sounds and stream in different locations, specific speakers should be selected and installed. If a project requires a distributed system, you’ll need at least four (4) types of speakers- wall-mount, ceiling, paging horns and in-wall speakers. Here’s the low-down on each type of speaker for a distributed system.

In-wall speakers for a secured music streaming

These are the recommended speakers if there’s a concern against theft and you want to keep speakers out of view. However, this approach to speaker placement can deliver a number of problems, including proper aiming of speakers. To address the problem, you may want to shop for a rotating speaker that can be adjusted and aimed depending on where the sound is required.

Ceiling speakers to free up precious floor space

If you are maintaining an apartment or when floor space is limited, the installation of ceiling speakers is recommended. The addition of ceiling speakers helps free up precious floor space, which can be used for other productive activities. Ceiling speakers also provide even distribution of sounds, provided these are properly spaced and secured using adjustable ceiling speaker mounts.

Wall-mounted music speakers

Recommended for foreground music, these speakers are often the choice in many households when the ceiling is too high, as complement to existing in-ceiling speakers or when speaker and mount installation is not possible on the ceiling. Again, you may need the services of universal wall-mounted speaker mounts designed to accommodate at least 12 lbs. Speakers can be mounted in one of two ways- it can be installed directly to your wall or can be mounted using swivel brackets including AM-20 Universal Wall & Ceiling Speaker Mount. Look for adjustable brackets- the best ones are those that can be tilted by 90 degrees and swivel by 360 degrees.

Paging horns to announce promotions

While paging horns deliver better SPL than in-wall and ceiling speakers, these speaker options are not traditionally installed indoors due to low sound quality. Paging horns are often installed outdoors, in noisy environments.

Distributed systems can be small or large depending on specific requirements, and can work for small businesses. And to pull off this project, its best to plan out and invest in appropriate speaker systems and speaker mounts including adjustable ceiling and in-wall speaker mounts.