Some Speaker Wire Guidance

Posted by Eric on 3/20/2014
With so much attention on the television and mounting it in the right place, along with the other components, not to mention the speakers and getting them mounted appropriately, it’s not surprising that you might altogether forget about the very element that joins it all together: the speaker wire.  You may be among the surprisingly large number of people who believe that any ol’ type of speaker wire will do.  The flip side of that is falling too easily for the over exaggerated boasts from salespeople on the floor in the retail stores.  Listening to the information-laden testimonials of the trained salespeople, they wind up forking out something like $600 for speaker wire, swearing that the quality of the sound proves how much better the wire they purchased is.
Chances are, if you had shelled out hundreds or thousands of dollars for speaker wire, you would be working hard to persuade yourself of the noticeable improvement, regardless of how false that claim would be.
The signal that stems from the amplifier and travels down the speaker wire to the speaker is merely just an electronic signal.  The main concern is to focus on the resistance and capacitance being in line, and that the wire is of a sufficient gauge.  Anything else, regardless of sales claims, won’t have an effect, one way or another, on sound quality, so don’t bother.
Buying the right speaker wire can be confusing, especially with all the various sundry brands of speaker cable out there.  And the prices range a great deal differently from each other, mostly depending on the brand and marketing.  How can you tell which speaker wire is truly a bargain...the less or more expensive one?  As there are a great many false claims being spread around about some of these cables, buying the right speaker for your needs may seem intimidating.  Do NOT think that, just because a speaker wire is more expensive, that it’s superior to another, less expensive brand.  As speaker wire is one of those items that tends to get marked up drastically, you must use discretion in determining the best quality, while simultaneously looking for the best price for that good quality.  A good rule of thumb is the longer you are going to be running the cable, the thicker the wire you will need.