So What Size TV Will You Get for Your Home Theater?

Posted by PinPoint Mounts on 8/22/2014 to General

You are sitting there in your home-theater room, with an incomplete system. OK, maybe no system at all. But you are now sitting there looking at your latest home-theater diagram for the umpteenth time, but this time you mean it.

You are ready to buy the components for your home-theater system. You have the receiver, which you know is the heart and soul of the entire system, and you have some ideas for the speakers you want to use with that receiver, and you have already plotted out the placement of those speakers.

Now it's the television which will anchor the whole thing. You have a certain size drawn out on your home-theater map, but: You've done some shopping and seen the sizes of some of the TVs, and now you wonder if the TV you thought you wanted would be too big for the room.

Now you're perplexed. You want a big screen, but how big is too big? Fortunately for you, we have three questions to ask that will help you determine what size TV you should get.

Wall or furniture? Deciding whether you want to mount the TV on the wall or use a TV stand or some other furniture to hold up the set will make a big determination as to the size and type of TV you get. Take into account any other peripherals you have and consider whether it's easier to install everything with a wall-mounted TV or one inside a cabinet or on a stand.

Number of walls? This sounds silly, but it's important in this sense - if the room is very closed, a big screen will dominate the room and look bad. But if there is an open space behind the main viewing area, for example, then a larger screen will look fine in the space. Having a back wall or not will probably mean whether you look for a smaller or larger screen based on this last question...

Normal viewing distance? This is the linear distance from where your TV set will be located to where you will usually sit to watch the TV Consider how you sit on your sofa, measure that distance to the TV and divide that distance (in inches) by two to get a mid-point of the range of TV screen sizes. For example, if you are going to sit six feet from the TV, half of 72 inches is 36 inches, which means you will probably look for something in the 24-to-48-inch range; go smaller for a closed space, a little larger for an open space. Sitting eight feet away means a screen mid-range of 48 inches, which puts you in the 36-to-60-inch range.