Sleek, Modern Design Ideas for Your Home Theater

Posted by Eric on 2/28/2014
Entertainment centers used to be enormous, taking up most of the space in the living room. The television was a heavy box, speakers were clumsy, and if you were fortunate enough to have a surround sound speakers, wires were everywhere. Today's home theaters are modern and sleek, appearing more elegant and providing extra space. Virtually every aspect of the home theater has been updated to take up less space and give you better sound along with a clearer picture.

The first step towards building a cutting-edge home theater is to eliminate the old standard definition television and purchase a high definition TV. Instead of housing the TV in a bulky cabinet, simply use any number of wall mounts to mount an HDTV on the wall. Wall mounts come in many affordable sizes and are capable of supporting even the largest flat screens. 

Next, purchase a set of speakers. Nowadays, some speakers are wireless, which is fantastic for clearing the clutter. Mounts are available to place your speakers throughout your house or even outside. Plus, they are easily moved to permit you to listen to your favorite songs or movies while working around the house.

Finally, no home theater is complete without a way to play movies. For the sleekest, most modern look, there are numerous devices that stream television shows and films straight from your Internet connection. The time has come to do away with that old DVD rack.

Even the most technologically challenged person has no problem updating a home theater to a modern standard. Without all of the wires and plugs and with the ability to mount components off the floor, creating a home theater for the whole family is easier than ever. Entertainment centers are no longer space-hogging monstrosities. Instead of being intrusive, a home theater is aesthetically pleasing, complementing the rest of the house.