Should You Choose Stands or Mounts for Your Speakers?

Posted by Pinpoint Mounts on 10/15/2014 to Tips and Advice

When looking for a sound system, some people tend to focus solely on the speakers themselves. There’s a good logic behind giving them all the attention - they don’t come cheap if you want to buy good ones, and they have a large role to play in how your sound system will perform. Still, performance and convenience of use also have a lot to do with the way you place the speakers - and that’s where the stands and mounts come into play. But when it’s time to choose between the two, do you know which you’ll choose?

We’re here to help. Wall mounts are great because they save up floor space, or desk space. That makes them an excellent choice if you plan to install your sound system in a smaller room. You won’t have to move things around to place the mounts, and you won’t have to worry about knocking the speakers down each time you pass by them. However, mounting speakers on the wall makes them harder to move around, and although you won’t need floor space, you will need wall space for them.

Stands are practical because you can place them anywhere you want, as long as there’s a surface for them to stand on. You can combine them with your existing furniture in the room, or put them on the floor - they will work perfectly fine both ways. Still, they can be toppled and knocked down, and they will take up valuable space in a small room.

With all the pros and cons listed, you can see that the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing between stands and mounts is the room where you want to place your sound system. Of course, having small children, or even pets, might sway you towards the option that makes your speakers harder to reach or knock down, but cleaning your home on your own might sway you the other way, as speakers on stands are easier to reach. So make your choice wisely, and enjoy your new sound system to the fullest extent.