Shopping For Speaker Stands?

Posted by PinPoint Mounts on 9/5/2014 to Tips and Advice

Speaker stands are generally used to support for the proper positioning of the floor standing speakers. This equipment is necessary if you'd like to boost the audio or quality of sound that comes from your sound system or speaker. This can be done through the decrease in the resonance that is produced by the walls as well as floors affecting the particular quality of sound from your speakers. If you're looking for the best forms of speaker stands, there are tons you can get available in the market now. On the other hand, the broad selection of these items could also make it more complicated to find the right one for your speakers. Here are several of the various things to consider when making that salient choice.

Size - What Size Are The Speakers?

You will discover diverse kinds of audio speakers that can come in special sizes and heights. Discover the stand that could accommodate the speaker in accordance with its size. The general rule of thumb is to locate stands which may have the same base shape as that of your speaker. Be certain that the base is the same or a bit larger than the speaker size.

Weight - How Much Do The Speakers Weigh?

How large the particular speakers additionally affect its weight and for larger and far heavier devices, make certain that the speaker stands can allow for or hold the weight of the speakers. Opt for a more durable and more steady stand so the speaker doesn't fall which could cause accidents or just wasting your audio system investment. The types of materials used in the building of the speaker stand and its foundation are essential elements which affect its toughness and strength.

Looks - Just What Layout Do You Prefer?

Speaker stands aren't only practical accessories but they additionally help liven up the appeal and theme of your house or room. Today, you could find countless suppliers coming up with the very best and slickest styles for their products. Get the layout that doesn’t only fit the size and weight specifications of your speaker. In addition there are units that work well along with the concept as well as other decors in your home entertainment.

Pinpoint Mounts has you covered with our AMS-136 fixed-height speaker stands. Designed with a minimal footprint that is perfect for rooms with limited floor space, the AMS-136 is built from seamless steel dual tubing with a sturdy 5mm thick base plate to keep your equipment solidly in place. You can even fill the dual tubes for enhanced acoustics and increase the weight. The 36" speaker stands put the sound on a perfect level, while the gloss black powder coated finish adds a sleek and modern feel to your home decor. Packaged as a pair, the AMS-136 comes with anchoring carpet spikes and rubberized pads for tile or hardwood floors. Upgrade your home theater today for far less than you expect, because at Pinpoint Mounts, it's never necessary to compromise on quality to get a great deal!