Selecting a Speaker Mount for an Electrical Box Installation

Posted by Eric on 2/24/2014
Mounting speakers for your home entertainment system is a big job and one that, hopefully, you only have to do once. In order to accomplish this successfully, you need to decide where you want to place your speakers and what sort of mounts that placement demands. If you already have a wired home theater room, then look into electrical box mounts.

Electrical boxes exist in home entertainment rooms to make it easy for you to attach your speakers to them without having to deal with the hassle of extra wires running down walls and across floors. Selecting a speaker mount for an electrical box installation depends largely on the location of the electrical boxes and the weight or type of the speaker you plan to mount. Electrical boxes are typically located on the ceiling or the walls, so a universal mount works well and usually works for either location. 

If you have a smaller speaker, then an electrical box mount with a long, flexible neck is a good choice. It allows you to position and reposition a speaker easily for maximum effectiveness; however, larger speakers require a sturdier electrical box mount, such as a ball and pivot mount. While you do not get the range and flexibility of some of the other types of mounts, it allows you to mount heavier speakers.

Before selecting a speaker mount for an electrical box installation, carefully consider your needs first. The weight and size of a speaker is a huge consideration you do not want to dismiss. Luckily, popular ultra-compact speakers make it possible to get big sound out of a tiny device without having to worry about whether or not the mount can support it.