Reasons to Choose Wall Mounted Speakers

Posted by Nick on 3/21/2014

The list of advantages to wall mounted speakers over other speaker placement options is extensive.  To begin with, many wall mounts for speakers have built-in wire clasps that help keep the speaker wires secure so that they stay put.  Wall mounted speakers are often multi-directional, meaning that they can be adjusted to specific angles to create the optimum listening experience.  This is the most important element of your home theater system listening experience.  Sometimes speakers will bounce or vibrate when they’re on speaker stands or sitting on a floor or table. Mounting them with wall mounts insures that they will remain connected to their mounts and not produce such unwanted motion while playing, as the wall will absorb most of that vibration which causes unwanted noise, such as speaker buzz.

When it comes to wall mounted speakers, you have your pick from several styles.  Some speakers come with brackets that only allow the speaker to be positioned at an upward or downward angle.  

Obviously, wall mounted speakers are easier to install than recessed speakers that require you to cut large holes in your wall to mount them.  The mounts simply screw into the outside of the wall.  There are usually built-in speaker wire clips that secure the wires into the speakers and prevent them from being pulled out when you are adjusting the speaker angles.  If you mount your speakers high and don’t know what to do about hiding the wires from showing, hanging down your wall, there are numerous types of wire molding in different colors that you can use to hide the wires.  Using wire molding will lend a more professional look to your installation job.