Placement Matters

Posted by Nick on 7/17/2014
When you have your speaker system unboxed you stare at it with a bit of awe. It is an impressive system and once it is installed you can then go through the joy of tuning the speaker outputs to find the optimum level; and by optimum I don't mean blasting. Any speaker can be loud, just crank the volume, but a great system doesn't need to crank loud in order to be heard. If a high quality system needs to be cranked to even be heard it is more than likely you have placed the speakers in a spot that will not give you the best sound quality.

Here are two things to think about when you are installing your speakers.

How big is the room?
If the room has tall ceilings that will definitely change the quality and depth that the speakers can produce. This size of a room can give you an amazing opportunity to create some dynamic sounds, but that doesn't mean you should hang the satellite speakers all the way at the top of the room. This would diminish the sound quality and make you have to crank the volume. Instead you should use the room to your advantage and possibly use floor speakers that can bounce the sound around the room at  sitting height. 

Where are you sitting?
Whether your couch is a sectional or two pieces, where people are sitting can mean all the difference in the sounds they are hearing. In most movie theaters there is a center seat in the theater that will have the most optimum audio experience. This is no different in a home theater, but you should strive to make sure you are giving everyone in the room a chance to have a great experience. If you can achieve this, then people will love to come over and enjoy your setup!