Outdoor Speakers Placement Tips for Your Home

Posted by Owen on 6/30/2014
The outdoors provides families and groups of friends with a different way of enjoying music and entertainment. Inside one’s home, there are a number of factors that can hamper the flow of music, reinforce the low frequency responses or even reflect the sounds. But in the great outdoors, it’s always a different thing. You are faced with a wide-open area, complete with all the noisy disruptions and the challenges of the changing weather conditions. Given these challenges, it is critical to pay attention not just to the quality of outdoor speakers, but also its placement to ensure quality music streaming that works for the great outdoors.

Learn the correct spacing and height

Speakers are best mounted in a higher position to deliver better sound projection, but not too high that this will deliver ‘thinner’ sound quality. If possible, speakers should be mounted roughly 12 feet from the seats. And if you are setting up multiple speakers, install these at least 8 to 10 feet apart from each other.

Know the layout of the outdoor space

Check first the area before setting up your speakers. If your patio or open space is rectangular shaped, you can mount three speakers on the longer side of the patio, and the other one on the patio’s shorter side. For a square-shaped patio, use the two left channels on opposite sides and the two right channels in opposite sides. This standard arrangement will help provide your outdoor space with excellent stereo sounds in any point outdoors.

Use speakers and speaker mount rated for outdoor use

Outdoor speakers should easily resist the harsh elements including extreme temperatures, moisture and wind. To limit the impact of weather and harsh elements on your outdoor speakers, simply install these speakers in a protected area or in a covered area. If there’s a need to install a few outdoor speakers in an exposed area, then it’s recommended highly rated speakers and these should be tilted in such a way that the cones should point slightly down for efficient drainage of rainwater.

Outdoor speakers will normally come complete with metal speaker mounts and brackets, and these are usually treated for outdoor use. Aftermarket speaker mounts and brackets are also available, and these should be selected based on similar standards. Also, don’t forget to check the weight rating of the speaker mounts. Check first the weight of the speakers before deciding on the speaker mounts and brackets. And when it comes to speaker installation, drill on solid wood walls or surfaces for safety reasons.

Though the cost can put a dent in your wallet and may even require you to plan and work, still the installation of outdoor speakers can bring a different kind of entertainment. With appropriate outdoor speaker placement, you can now regain the great outdoors and have fun in the process!