Music in your Nursery

Posted by Tatiana on 6/21/2014
One of the many exciting things a couple can experience is learning that they are expecting a baby.  When you get the news, a million things go through your mind.  One of the biggest things you will need to plan for and prepare is your baby’s nursery.

When planning your nursery, you’ll choose colors and themes that will make your baby feel happy, confident and comfortable.  While selecting the crib, dresser and changing table, there is one thing many parents forget about and shouldn't:  music.  While you might have a musical mobile or nightlight, there is a more effective way to provide your baby with the relaxing sound of music.  Installing speakers in your nursery can fill the room with music and recorded nursery rhymes.

It’s a well-known fact that music is soothing to babies. Singing a lullaby to a fussy baby is a common way parents comfort and calm their baby, as well as their own frazzled nerves. Music can also be uplifting, so if you are experiencing mild baby blues, rocking your baby while listening to music may help you feel a little more upbeat.

There are other benefits to music, such as helping to develop motor skills and coordination.  As your baby grows older, music can help to strengthen their social skills and enhance creativity.

When installing speakers in your nursery, your child’s safety should be the first thing you consider.  You don’t want cords exposed or in the reach of a young child.  Use speaker wall or ceiling mounts for optimal and safe positioning.  Whether you install a stereo in the nursery or if you will control the sound from another room, Pinpoint Mounts has what you need to ensure your baby has the best possible listening experience.