Mount your TV for Functionality and Aesthetic Appeal

Posted by Addie on 3/31/2014

Televisions are being manufactured and produced in increasingly thin and sleek designs.  This style increases their attractiveness by removing bulk and weight.  With the right hardware, you can seamlessly integrate your TV set into your room décor.  There are several different mounts available you, each with a different set of attractive features.  The following three TV mounts are a few of the most popular options to be considered. 


Ceiling Mount

If you cannot find the perfect place on your wall to mount a television, then use a ceiling mount.  This mounting system allows extreme versatility for optimum placement.  The mount will securely install your into a metal or wood ceiling joists for worry-free functioning.  Once the TV has been mounted it can be easily adjusted or rotated for the best view. 


Flush Wall Mount

With the sharp and sleek designs of many of today’s TV models, they can be integrated into your room, almost appearing as a built-in part of the décor.  The best way to achieve this affect is with a flush wall mount.  This hardware situates the TV a half-inch from the wall, minimizing its presence while drawing attention to the screen.  This style of wall mounts fits in especially well with modern contemporary design. 


Articulating Wall Mount

For maximum functionality, an articulating wall mount is one of the most versatile options.  This wall mount allows the television to be adjusted on several different planes.  The arm extends to bring the screen further from the wall, tilts in each direction, and can be turned up to 180 degrees.  These features create unlimited placement options for optimal viewing in any position in the room. 


Each of these television mounts possesses attractive features.  Depending on your personal needs, one of these television mounts is the perfect for you.  Take a look at our extensive collection of mounts in each category and find exactly that for which you are looking.