Maximize the Entertainment Value of SONOS Play: 3 Using Appropriate Mounting Solutions

Posted by Pin Point Mounts on 11/20/2014 to Tips and Advice

Digital tunes streamed using networked speakers is now one of the latest trends when it comes to home entertainment. Gone are the days when players for cassettes, vinyl and even CDs are popular and prized in the market. Today, music enthusiasts and homeowners are now looking at a modern way on how to enjoy their daily music fix. This time, the spotlight is on digital music that can be compressed in one loaded PC or a packed smartphone and can be streamed in different parts of the room. All you need is your collection of digital music, a reliable player and sound system, appropriate speaker mounts to keep the music playing for hours and you have the perfect recipe for a musical entertainment extravaganza that can be enjoyed any time, for every occasion.

For this entertainment project, what you’ll need is a reliable streaming audio component like SONOS Play: 3. Based on Play: 5 from the same company, the SONOS also streams digital music, more affordable albeit smaller compared to other SONOS products. The player can also stream your iTunes music collection and can seamlessly work with other streaming services websites like Spotify and SiriusXM Internet Radio. Right now, apps can now be downloaded allowing users to stream digital music from the iPad and tablets. These features make this streaming device a great addition to any household space, including apartments where space is a premium commodity.

Compact size, flexible installation through speaker mounts

The streaming device is a compact device that can easily fit into smaller spaces inside apartments and living rooms. While the device has a compact design, it still requires appropriate placement strategies through the use of speaker mounts designed exclusively for SONOS. A great approach to use is to install the speaker on the wall and free up floor place.

To easily install the player, it’s best to understand first the size and its dimensions. This device features a ¼ inch/20 integrated mounting hole at the back that allows easy mounting on the walls. The mounting bracket isn't included in the box but can be ordered from a reputable seller online.

There are some requirements to keep in mind when shopping for SONOS mounts or brackets. For example, you’ll need to pay attention to the speaker mount’s weight rating- it should be tested to carry at least 10 lbs of weight. Mounts are also available in different materials, like steel and aluminum, making it easier to work around existing home decor or styling. Also, remember to locate an area that’s close to an electrical outlet, making sure that the unit and the speaker mount will not be subjected to heat, steam or even dripping water.

Enjoying a SONOS and mounting the speaker doesn't require professional help and it can provide quality music streaming however, attention to details must be exercised. You should be armed with durable speaker mounts and accessories, a target location in the wall and manual that lists the basic installation requirements.