Making Entertainment Work for Sports Bars and Pubs

Posted by Pin Point Mounts on 11/8/2014 to Tips and Advice

The best sports bars and pubs in the city are not just about cheap beers, superb food and free flowing conversations; it’s also about the presence of great music and entertainment. And this is exactly what sports bars and pub operators are doing in many parts of the country. The trend now in the industry is to provide customers and sporting enthusiasts with an entertainment hub where they can enjoy the best of both worlds- cheap beer and sporting entertainment delivered by strategically placed large LED televisions and speaker systems. And if you are in the same business, don’t forget to include large screen TV sets and speaker systems strategically installed in different points inside the sports bar or pub.

Shop for large screen TVs and speaker systems

Though there are plans to stop the production of plasma TV, there’s no denying the fact that plasma TVs are still the favored options in a sports pub environment. Other technologies are also available, including LCD and the emerging OLED, but when it comes to full-pledged entertainment, plasma TVs are still the best bet when it comes to televisions for pubs and sports bars. Whether you opt for LED or plasma TVs, what’s important is invest in a number of TV sets so sporting entertainment can be enjoyed by customers and enthusiast front and center. These consumer electronics should be installed in the right places so customers can watch their favorite sporting games or live streaming of matches.

And a top-rated sports bar is never complete without the addition of speaker systems. The presence of a high-end and reliable speaker system ensures guests will enjoy streaming music anywhere they are inside the pub. Also, high-end speaker systems provide the buzz and energy inside the pub. Invest in a top-rated sound system, and customers will find more reasons to stay for a few more rounds.

Install speaker systems using appropriate speaker mounts and brackets

Speaker systems should be installed in a systematic way inside sports bar and pubs to ensure better sound quality and space management. To make it happen, you’ll need the services of speaker mounts and brackets that can help you manage speakers in a smart way. One advantage of using speaker mounts for sports bars and pubs is flexibility- speakers can be mounted on walls at different heights thus freeing up floor space that can be used for seating customers. Speakers can be directed at an angle, provided that adjustable speaker mounts are used.  Mounts can also work outdoors, and carry the speaker systems at appropriate height for maximum sound effects. In short, speaker mounts and stands help in your quest to improve customer experience inside a sports bar or pub. While these may not be on top of a pub owner’s list when redesigning a pub, these can actually streamline pub design and boost customer satisfaction.