It’s the Speaker Stands, Silly!

Posted by Pin Point Mounts on 11/24/2014 to Tips and Advice

You have bought yourself a pair of your dream bookshelf speakers and then plod them onto a pair of stands of the appropriate height without any other due considerations, and find that the sound was less than what you expect. Despite running in after the required hours they still don't right. This can lead to another vicious cycle of changing the speakers, the amp, the CD player, etc. How many of us would take a second look at the stands? Probably not many.

The speaker stand is probably one of the most unappreciated item in a hifi setup. I would like to propose a probably outlandish idea to most audiophiles- that the speaker stand is more important than speaker it supports.  This is an extreme thought but I feel that it is not that far from the truth.

Perhaps this truth would become clearer if some of the primary principles of speaker supports are discussed. The sole purpose of a speaker stand is to control the flow of vibrations away from the speaker. Holding the speaker at the optimum height is the commonly accepted mundane, purpose of the stand.  Notice that the keyword is "control". In my own experience, I have found that attempting to suppress vibration by putting weights on top of the speaker, damping or clamping is a fruitless exercise. Vibration is like the other irrepressible force in nature - water. It seeks always to flow to the lowest point. Trying to stop vibration is like trying to stop a leak in a dam. Like water it will find another way to get through and often do it in a way we least expect and usually with dire consequences. I have found that suppressing vibrations in a speaker cabinet may apparently improve performance in such hifi parameters as tighter bass, better focusing, wider and deeper soundstage, etc. But without fail, I would notice that it has become less satisfying musically.

On the other hand, if the stand is ineffective in directing this flow of vibration away from the speaker it is supporting, the speaker can be overwhelmed by the vibrations thrown up by the woofer. The speaker is left to cook in its own juice in a manner of speaking. This results in a boomy, muddy, incoherent and smeared sound.

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