Install Your Home Theater The Right Way

Posted by Pin on 9/25/2014

Nothing can increase the warming ambiance of your home than the pleasure of a home audio system. Whether it is watching movies with full digital surround sound or entertaining guests with music filling the room, a good speaker setup is a critical element of a quality home audio system. There are numerous options for how to arrange speakers in any given space and many of these options include placing speakers on stands and/or fixing them to ceilings and walls. It is important for sound quality reasons to always raise speakers above the floor so that the sound that comes from them can adequately fill a space.

Pre-Installation Considerations

Before beginning to install speaker mounts and stands, the following things need to be considered. These are in no particular order.

Sound Structure

Sound structure is an important consideration because of the placement of the speakers. Speakers play a large role in determining how sound is projected and perceived in the space. Some people may prefer to hear sound coming directly down from the ceiling because it will lessen projection into spaces other than the dedicated area for listening. Others may prefer that sound come from straight on. It may also not be possible to create surround sound in a space where all of the speakers are mounted to walls. Some may have to be mounted to the ceiling instead.

Speaker Size

With so many different speaker sizes, it is also important to consider how much a speaker weighs before putting it onto a mount or a stand. Mounts and stands must be able to support speakers. If they are unable to do so, they could be damaged, as could walls, ceilings, and the speakers themselves. Miscalculations as to the ability of mounts and stands to support speakers can be quite costly.

Wiring System

Users have to decide whether they wish to take the extra step of hiding wiring within walls. If not, there are other measures that they can take to make the wiring as inconspicuous as possible. Wireless speakers are also on option, though many of these still require some semblance of a wired power connection.

Installation Skills

And finally, the installation skills of the person completing the installation must be considered. Before starting out gung-ho, if you don’t understand any steps of the installation process, get the help and advice that will ensure a secure and attractive configuration and mounting process.