How to Install Speaker Mounts

Posted by Eric on 2/11/2014

Installing mounted speakers in your home is a simple process, and it provides an excellent level of sound quality. When watching a movie, properly mounted speakers amplify the experience and help create a more realistic environment for the viewer. Read the instructions on your speakers before you start, and then begin planning.

Using your speakers' instructions as a guide, draw a diagram for the best speaker placement. The placement is based on the number of channels on your receiver or amplifier, balance control options on your stereo and where you plan to be seated while listening to the speakers. 

Place the main speakers towards the audience. All speakers are best positioned the same distance from the audience. This is true for front and back speakers. Avoid any large objects that block the path of sound from the speakers to the audience. 

Hide speaker wires by drilling holes and fish hooking the wire through them. If you are uncomfortable with drilling holes in your wall, purchase wireless speakers to avoid unsightly wires and unnecessary work. 

Secure brackets to the wall or ceiling in the locations you plan to place the speakers. Be sure the brackets are screwed into a stud for the best security. Place speakers in the mounts, and enjoy a theater experience in your own living room.

Installing speaker mounts is a simple process. Using wireless speakers is recommended to eliminate the need to deal with wires. The entire process only takes a few minutes, and the end result is excellent sound quality in your home. Make sure you purchase the right size brackets for your speakers to ensure they are secure.