How to Incorporate Sound System Speakers and Mounts in Irregularly-Shaped Rooms

Posted by Owen on 3/17/2014
Installing home theater systems and speakers in regular rectangular and square-shaped rooms is easy since you can simply provide speakers on every side. Most of the guides and resources too that are available online assume that your room is of the same shape, thus going the DIY route is easy. But how do you plan for a home theater and surround system that can be accommodated inside an odd-shaped room? This can be frustrating and stressful for many homeowners who will use and install speakers for the first time.

What to do with an L-shaped room

Designing an L-shaped room can be a source of frustration since some of the sounds will flow beyond your listening area. The trick here is to install speaker mounts and speakers in a way that it will direct the sounds away from the empty area. One thing you can do is to place your TV in the area where the in a spot where the two ‘L’ axes meet. From here, the speakers should be properly arranged around your TV and the right and left speakers should be angled toward your usual area inside the room. Surround speakers should be placed on the sides where your couch is placed. And if you have a sub-woofer, put this along the wall between your couch and the TV. The sub-woofer should be at least 4-5 inches away from the wall.

What to do with a room with TV in the corner?

There are times when the room is loaded with household items and you are left with no choice but to put your TV in a corner. Again, this is a frustrating project but there are still some things that can be done. For example you can set-up a surround on the rear and another on the side wall using your speaker mounts. The sub-woofer can be placed in a corner and should not touch the wall.

Use speaker ceiling mounts for ‘open rooms’

This is another room arrangement that is difficult to plan and handle. For this project, it’s recommended to use speaker ceiling mounts. These are mounts that can help save space and can also promote better sound quality. Look for speaker ceiling mounts with pivoting drivers or angled baffles so you can adjust its direction so you can get the best sound quality.

The size and design of your room should not prevent you from getting the best from your home sound system. There are creative ways on how you can use speakers and mounts so you can maximize your room space. And when the going gets tough, there are advisors who can provide technical assistance when installing speakers and using mounts.