How Many Speakers Is Too Many?

Posted by Nick on 7/28/2014
When we get a surround sound speaker system we tend to feel a need to have as many speakers as possible. In some cases there have been systems with double digit speaker setups, but the question must arise at times: How many is too many? There comes a point when having so many speakers will do very little to improve your listening pleasure. 

When we watch a movie we relate the actions on screen with the sounds they produce. This is why so many people enjoy surround sound, because it makes the experience on the screen come into the room. When we first pick up a surround sound set we usually get the basic three speaker setup. The center channel and two satellite speakers that open our mind toward what the possibilities can be with surround sound. We up the ante by adding a sub-woofer and get the base going and add depth to the sound that our films are producing.

Once we are comfortable we move up to five speakers and then seven and then nine and then... you see the issue here. We keep upping the amount of speakers but how much can it help us? How does having a ten speaker surround sound system improve our movie watching experience? The simple addition of speakers makes our minds think that it must be better because it is larger, but bigger is not better. Seven speaker systems are probably the most optimum experience for watching a movie because it covers the fields in front, on the sides, and directly behind. Seven speakers give you the experience you want without having to spend a massive amount of money for tiny improvements. When you are looking at upping the score on your surround sound system, look at improving the amps or stereo rather than just putting up the number of speakers.