Home Theatre Sound Configuration

Posted by Christy on 4/1/2014

One of the most important items to consider when shopping for in-wall, on-wall, or in-ceiling speakers is where you're going to place them. How you place your speakers depends on how you're going to listen to them, as well as what your room's architecture will allow.  Whether you're installing them in your current home or pre-wiring a home that's under construction, there are guidelines that can help you get a speaker setup that sounds good and works with the build and design of your room. 


Avoid Interferences

You should select locations for your speakers for critical listening if you plan to use them as your home theater speakers. Try to place speakers at least 2 feet away from corners and other surfaces that might interfere with or reflect sound, such as tall or bulky furniture.


Distances Between Speakers

If you're installing 5, 6, or 7 in-wall or on-wall speakers for a home theater surround sound system: place the front left and right speakers so that they're at or slightly above ear level when you're seated, both equidistant from the main listening position. If the speakers are in a wall that's 10 feet from your chair, place them no more than 10 feet and no less than 5 feet apart from each other to maintain a good stereo effect.  


The Location of the Center Speaker

Place the center channel speaker so that it's at ear level when you're seated. If your television is wall-mounted, place the center channel speaker slightly below. If your TV rests on a stand or table, place the center channel speaker just above it, and angle the tweeters down towards seated ear level if possible.


Place Your Surround Speakers Up High

Place the surround speakers above seated ear level (as high as standing ear level). If the rear surround speakers are placed at seated ear level, they will overwhelm the sound coming from your front speakers, resulting in muddied and inaccurate surround sound.