Home Theater in a Closet

Posted by David on 8/11/2014

We are big believers in great home-theater systems and the wonderful audio and video that comes from such a set-up. We believe it so heavily, in fact, that we don't think anyone should be prevented from having a system just because they have a space that might seem a big small.

There are sound junkies who live in small studio or one-bedroom apartments. And while the area is cramped, does that alone preclude these people from having a quality home-theater system?

Heck. No.

With the right amount of planning and careful shopping with space conservation in mind, it is certainly possible to have a quality small-room system. Here are some things to think about:

  • Map it. In a space where every inch is valuable real estate, it's a good idea to map out your space - where you will be seated, where you want the TV and speakers to go, etc. Having a diagram of your space may help visualize the set-up, account for bright lights in windows or the overall layout. 
  • Lots of measurements. Just like in a bigger space, taking stock of where you will be seated, where your TV will go and the angles and distances between speakers and the seating are will be important. You can take these measurements to a trusted hme-theater retailer and they can help you determine the best locations for everything. 
  • Use walls ans shelves liberally whenever possible. Don't just mount your TV on the wall; consider putting speakers on the wall or on bookshelves to better utilize the limited space. 
  •  TV or projector? If a TV will cramp your space even more, maybe consider a projector while can allow you to use the wall as the screen. 
  •  Receiver or sound bar? A sound bar would solve a lot of space issues for you, but if you plan to upgrade your system and/or your space in the future, then you might want a receiver instead even as it takes up more space and is more expensive.