Home Theater Horror? Yes, They Do Exist

Posted by Eric on 4/28/2014

If you check around the Internet to do research about creating a home-theater system and installing it, you will find tons of advice, some of it contradictory to each other. On the one hand, you'l get advice that says to buy all components from the same company ... but then you'll read somewhere else that it's OK to have different brands; yu don't want the same company that makes your TV make your speakers because quality might be compromised one way or the other.

Now, you know there is a risk to combining devices and speakers from different manufacturers - they may not be compatible with each other at the very basic technology level. Horror stories do happen in this regard - and sometimes, such a story will cause some issues with certain components, like HDMI.

Recently we came across such a horror story on a public forum [link: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1519572/read-my-horror-story-and-help-me-set-up-a…], where a person tried to put together two components from different companies as part of his home theater system, and he found problems focused around his HDMI port on the back of his TV. He essentially dumped the components and wanted to start over, asking for advice on next steps.

This story can serve as a cautionary tale. Perhaps before you check out our inventory of quality speaker mounts for your home theater system, you might want to make sure to check all compatibilities among your devices and speakers that will be hooked up to each other.

Once you know it all works, then we would suggest checking out our mounts so you can find what you need to complete your hoe theater installation.