Get Creative in Speaker Installation and Placement By Using Speaker Stands and Mounts

Posted by Owen on 7/15/2014
While surround speakers can be placed on top of desks, on the floor and on your table, keep in mind that there exist other creative and efficient ways on how you can position these speakers for maximum entertainment. Instead of simply placing these items on tables and the floors, you can actually install these speakers in appropriate places like walls and ceilings where these can stream optimal sound quality without having to dominate and take away your floor space. And when it comes to creative ways on how you can install and position your speakers, you can’t go wrong with speaker stands and speaker mount.

Speaker stands and mounts may appear to be basic and ordinary, but these accessories should form part of your shopping list when installing your home’s sound system or home theater system. These are the accessories to use when you want to free up some floor space and install surround speakers on walls or in the ceilings. There are two accessories that you can use when installing surround speakers in a different way- you can use speaker stands or speaker mounts.

What to look for in speaker stands

In speaker stands, look for products that have adjustable height, produce minimal resonance, size and even design. Speaker stands should have adjustable height since listening height will depend on the seating height of those who are enjoying your home-grown entertainment. Listening height ranges from 22-28 inches when seated and twice height when standing, so it’s best to use these numbers as inspiration when shopping for adjustable speaker stands. Also, there should be no movement, vibration and sound in the chosen stand. Size and rated weight capacity should be considered as well when purchasing speaker stands. If possible, purchase stands that are of the same base as the speaker. When looking at online store offerings, pay attention to weight limitations. Speaker stands should be able to support the weight of the speakers.

Adjustability and weight capacity should be considered in speaker mounts

And when it comes to speaker mounts, look for mounts that are adjustable and can support the weight of the speakers. Whether you are looking for wall-mounted speaker mounts or in-ceiling speaker mounts, these two factors should never be compromised. Since these mounts will hold the speakers on the walls and ceilings, its best that the speaker mounts should be durable enough to carry these speakers for a long period of time. Leading speaker mounts like AM-20 Universal Wall & Ceiling Speaker Mount from PinPoint can support up to 12 lbs worth of speaker. More than the weight capacity ratings look for mounts that are adjustable.  Speaker mounts should be designed and configured in such a way that it can be focused on an area where the person is seated.

Don’t just rely on your usual approaches when installing and setting-up surround speakers. Speaker stands and speaker mounts can serve as functional accessories when installing your surround speakers in a creative way without sacrificing sound quality.