Speaker Placement for 9.1 Systems

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Front, back, side, center and subwoofer - makings of a 7.1 system. If you believe this kind of system, with a total of 8 speakers, would be everything you will ever need to fully enjoy movies and video games - it’s time to think again. 9.1 systems add an additional dimension to the mix, giving you an even better listening experience. With them, you get the front, back and side speakers, as well as the center and the subwoofer plus a pair of front height speakers. And the additional speakers need to be placed in a certain way, right?

Speaker Options and Mounts Recommendations for Distributed Systems

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Chill-out music is gently streamed in the background as you lounge around for that afternoon cup of your favorite brew, when a voice suddenly replaces the soothing voice of Moby announcing an up-coming promotion. Then, Moby’s soothing voice gently airs once again to calm the nerves of professionals and other customers in the area. Welcome to the benefits provided by distributed audio systems, a popular system often heard and installed in restaurants, bars, office buildings and even cafes. 

How Much Do You Really Need a Subwoofer?

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Subwoofers can be a tricky thing. Sound systems with .1 in their name have them, and sound systems without the point and the one don’t. You can see people buying both types, and you can read online reviews praising and panning them. So, if you’re out to buy a speaker system, it’s perfectly normal to ask yourself - do I really need a subwoofer?

Understanding Speaker Impedance

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For almost every speaker you can buy, you'll find a specification for impedance, measured in ohms (or Ω). But they never explain what impedance means. Fortunately, impedance is kind of like great rock'n'roll. Understanding everything about it is complicated, but you don't need to understand everything about it to "get" it. So for this article, I'll tell you exactly what you need to know about speaker impedance without making you feel like you're taking a graduate-level course at MIT.

What is the Wall of Sound?

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Audiophiles for the last nearly fifty years have had the pleasure of listening to musical arrangements so multi-layered and lush that they forever changed the landscape of popular music. Everyone from the Beatles to the Beach Boys, to Prince and Lady Gaga embraced what has become the iconic pinnacle of aural sensory richness, Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound.

Trends in Music Medium and the Uncertain Future of Digital Music

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In most formats, digital music is of a lesser fidelity quality of that offered by vinyl LPs and music CDs. However, some artists, companies, and listeners are fighting back and calling for a return to high quality of music.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly to Wireless Speaker Systems

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Wireless speaker systems offer fantastic convenience and sound quality. However, they are not for everyone. If you need to learn if wireless speakers are right for you, read The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly to Wireless Speaker Systems.

TV Wall Mounts Allow Greater Viewing Angles In Any Situation.

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Whenever you have a situation where you wish to view your television from different parts of the room without having to move the television physically around, the articulating wall mount comes to your aid, by allowing you to easily alter the television viewing angle to suit the new viewing position.  This is one of the major advantages of an articulated wall mount over a fixed position on the wall or on a fixed base mount.

Plasma TV Mounts

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When looking for a plasma TV mount, there are quite a few options for you to choose from. Most of the plasma TVs that you find these days are simply too large to put on a television stand, or they do not have a base themselves, forcing you to hang them up on your wall. This is not a bad thing, as hanging your large television on the wall can save you quite a bit of space.

Catch a Wave: Understanding How Sound Works

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When we sit down in our comfy chairs to watch a movie, or listen to our favorite music, we usually don't put a lot of thought into the mechanical process that creates the pictures we see or the sounds we hear.

The SONOS Company

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Having a home entertainment center is something that is almost a common place today in the modern home. 

Speaker Tech For 2014 And Beyond

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We audiophiles love speakers. We love those big ol’ box speakers that our uncles listened to Led Zeppelin on, those vacuum tube ones that amaze with both their sound and their looks, and the new ones that are growing smaller in size generation by generation. And, odds are that we will love the speakers of the future.

So What Size TV Will You Get for Your Home Theater?

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You are sitting there in your home-theater room, with an incomplete system. OK, maybe no system at all. But you are now sitting there looking at your latest home-theater diagram for the umpteenth time, but this time you mean it.

How to Get a Professional Looking Speaker Installation

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Creating a home theater system can really help you enhance your movie-watching and music-listening experience. The right system can help you feel like you are right in the theater or the concert hall.
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